How To Apply Liquid Eye Liner

Liner is one of the most important thing when it come to your eye makeup. If correctly applied liner can make your eye look long and big, on the contrary a bad work done with liner can result in equally ugly looking eyes. There are different types of liner, like pencil liner, pan cake liner and liquid eye liner. I personal find the pencil linear to be the most difficult when it comes to applying but then it all depends on what you are trained too apply. Practice makes you perfect, is true for applying eye linear. Our user’s often ask us How to Apply Liquid Eye Linear, so we decided to write a a beauty article on it. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Apply Liquid Eye Liner.

How To Apply Liquid Eye Linear

Following are the steps for How To Apply Liquid Eye Linear.

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Choosing Liquid Eyeliner

Once you have decided to apply the liquid eyeliner, now its important that you choose the right kind of liquid eyeliner. There are two main types of liquid eyeliner first Felt Tip and second Dip-brush.  Felt Tip liquid liner is like a marker, and has the eyeliner fed through it like a pen. On the other hand the dip brush liquid eyeliner is similar to nail polish  in that it comes with a small bottle of the eyeliner with a brush that must be dipped in in between each application. This is also known as the pan-cake linear. 


Preparing your Eyes

It is important that you prepare your eyes before your apply the liner. Put on eyelid primer to help you eyeliner stick to your lid for the whole day, provided you plan to keep the liner on your eyes for the whole day.

The Right Position

One of the biggest problem when applying liquid liner is not having the right position. If you are not in the right position your hands are not stable thus resulting in unstable linear. To rectify this problem, rest your elbow on a table and your hand on your cheek as you apply.

Drawing Dots and Connecting Them

It is preferred that you apply small dots on your eyes in accord to the shape of the liner in stead of putting a single small line. Latter you can easily connect those dots to get the perfect shape of linear.

Smooth The lines

Once you have joined the dots, you can always smooth the lines of your eyes to your satisfactions without the risk of damaging the liner shape.

Apply Mascara

The last step is to apply mascara to give your eyes the perfect shape.

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