How Sugar Badly Effects Your Skin and Body

How many of like fuzzy drinks ? i am sure most of you do. Some are even addictive to it. People often wonder why the addiction ? The reason is; SUGAR . Since the intake of sugar is to great due to the fuzzy drinks, if you try to quit them your body demands the same sugar intake, which is not possible since we hardly eat sweet things. But one thing that we don’t realize is; despite all the merits of sugar, taking in large amount can be injurious for health. In today’s health and beauty article we will tell you about how sugar badly effects your skin and body.

How Sugar Badly Effects Your Skin and Body

The after effects of sugar are very horrible, especially for people like me who are weight freaks. If you want to lose the only way to do so is to quit drinking fuzzy drinks. The more sugar or sweets you eat, the more your body will store and the more weight you will gain. Regardless of you not having your meals, pretending to be dieting. Don’t do what i do, when i diet i don’t eat but the intake of fuzzy drinks increases thus making me gain more rather than lose.

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What we suggest is that you lessen the intake of sugar and increase the amount of green food in your daily diet. Try eating more and more vegetables or healthy food items. So that your body need is met, as well we you don’t gain weight.

Break Out

Sugar is also one of the major reason behind break outs. In-taking too much sugar can result in problems like acne or pimples, especially during your teens which the occurring probability of acne is very high. Also, eating heavy desserts makes your skin being more susceptible to breakouts , and breakouts are really bad for your beauty. Many friends of mine have quit sugar to discover that their skin had become much better. Instead of sugar, add more healthy fats to your diet to improve your skin. Sugary foods are also bad for your teeth as they can cause cavities and other problems. You should always remember to brush your teeth after to counteract the sugar before it gets going on them.

Body Rely on Sugar

One of the major problems is if you eat so much sugar your body may start to rely on sugar and when you don’t have enough sugar in your system, it could cause your whole system to crash. This is bad because you should not let your body rely on sugar for energy alone.

Sugar Gets You Hyper

As sugar is an energy that is burned fast and then you will crash after the energy is released. Another problem is that sugar will get you hyper and then you will be unable to sleep, sit, or work properly until it leaves your system. This can cause problems for a lot of people, especially in your sleep cycle.

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