How Imran Ashraf Rules Over the hearts In Ranjha Ranjha Kardi? Check out These 5 Moments!

The ongoing famous drama on HUM TV Ranjha Kardi has been getting huge popularity for it’s incredible story idea and splendid acting performances by its cast that incorporates numerous capable youthful celebrities. Ranjha Kardi stars Iqra Aziz, Syed Jibran and Imran Ashraf ahead of the top notch pack performances and with their astonishing skill as they have caught the eye of the gathering of people who fretfully hang tight for the new scenes of this dazzling story consistently.

In any case, Imran Ashraf as Bhola has totally stolen the show with is breath-taking acting in this drama that has made millions of people to fall in love with this actor. Soon after his best acting in the drama, Aik Allah Aur Insaan, Imran Ashraf was exceedingly appreciated and now his fans are too glad to even consider seeing him assuming one more difficult job in Ranjha Kardi.

If you have been following Ranjha Kardi from its first scene, you should have officially become hopelessly in love with Bhola, who makes you roar with laughter and now and again and additionally makes you cry. There are some moments in the drama that will stick your mind about the fact that how can be perform so better!



Here are 5 times when Imran Ashraf stole the show in Ranjha Kardi:

1. The one where he had an argument over a seat on the transport and we as a whole were laughing and pulling for him!

2. When he was showing out his actual sentiments of affection to the love for his life!

3. Furthermore, when he made us laugh and cry in the meantime!

4. The one where he went excessively too much honest with Shakooran!

5. When he was too energized on his Nikkah Day and we couldn’t quit loving him!

If you have still not watched the drama and missed Imran Ashraf fabulous acting then tune into HUM TV now and watch this incredible drama right now!

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