House Of Zunn Lawn Collection 2013 For Summer

Lakhany Silk Mills is one of the leading textile firm in Pakistan.Lakhany Silk Mills has been working in this field since year 2000.They have launched sometimes back their fashion label House Of Zunn for give you a lifestyle.Recently, Lakhany Silk Mills have launched House Of Zunn lawn collection 2013 for summer.

House Of Zunn is one of the most famous an demanding fashion brand who offers you seasonal collection for every year.For the season of summer 2013, House Of Zunn has launched their lawn prints.House Of Zunn has designed this beautiful collection with embellishment of lovely prints and embroidery.Zunnuj Lawn by Lakhany Silk Mills 2013 has consists of simple stitching long shirts and frocks with trousers and churidar pajamas.Each and every dress of this collection has adorned with bright colors such as pink, green, red, blue and etc etc.Furthermore,this will be a perfect collection for you, if you love to wear embroidered dresses as casually or formally both.House Of Zunn lawn collection 2013 has designed with full of cuts and hues.Girls!1 just wait a bit here and have a look at this beautiful House Of Zunn lawn collection 2013 here below..

House Of Zunn Lawn Collection 2013 For Women

Latest Lawn Prints 2013.

 Complete Collection.


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