Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care

There is no doubt that whether it is winter or summer our lips are such facial expressions of our body that are badly damaged during such seasons. But on the other hand it is true that lips are the smoothest and yet the delicate part of our body and they always demand for some special attention. Untidy and rough lips are not only irritating for others but it also spoils the entire image of the face too. It is essential that lips should also be given the same preference likewise other body features. In this article we are highlighting some of the beneficial home made guidelines for making the caring of lips throughout the all seasons.


1. Firstly is the honey scrub for lips. For preparing this scrub the person should take one small spoon of honey and baking soda. Mix the two ingredients until it doesn’t get thick. Now apply the paste on the lisp for few minutes and let it dry. Now just was the lisp with the moisturizer. You will witness that the lisp have become much smooth and soft.

2. Second homemade scrub for lisp is sugary scrub. For preparing this scrub take small spoon of sugar, some water and few drops of olive oil. Now make a blend of all the ingredients and as the paste gets thick or gets into the liquid form just apply it one the lips with the help of fingers.

Well on the whole after the discussion and mentioning the beauty tips for lips care it is concluded that all such methods are highly advantageous for the lips and does not cause any negative effect. Just follow these homemade beauty tips now and we are sure that you will soon start loving your lips and find them softer and rough less.

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