Home-made Beauty Tips To Make You Beautiful

  • You should put a drop of rose water into your eyes before going to bed, it will give you refreshing eyes in the morning.Home-made-Beauty-Tips-To-Make-You-Beautiful


  • If you want to prevent your lips from chapping, you can use hot water fermentation for your lips and then apply a combination of honey and Vaseline. This will help you avoid chapping of your lips, you should try to follow this beauty tip at least three times a week to give your self soft lips.


  • This home made remedy will help you delay the appearance of age spots on your hands, take a lemon and rub it on your hands on both ways, leave it for few minutes and then wash your hands, this will help you hold up appearance of age spots.


  • If you are looking for a home remedy to prevent your hair loss, then we have the best home made remedy to full fill you need, take bananas and blend them with yoghurt, low fat milk and honey, drink this mixture for one or two days in a week and you will see its remarkable effects.


  • Take a mixture of rose petals and milk butter and apply it on your lips, this home remedy will help you prevent your lips from vent.
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