Hira Mani Shares a Heartwarming Message For underprivileged People in Her Latest Post

In her so many interviews, actress Hira Mani has been always conscious about talking about poor people on the roads and how this whole condition gives her the feel of depression and anxiety. Hira Mani is one of the famous and uprising actresses of the media world and in the last few years she has attained her own status and repute in the media dramas.

Recently, Hira Mani shared a heartwarming message on her Instagram account related with underprivileged people that has surprised so many social media followers. Check out what she has to say:


Well for this post she has been receiving criticism at one side and on other side she is getting much love from the fans for being so thoughtful about the people around her. No doubt she has a gem heart.

What is your opinion about it?

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