Hina Altaf Shared an Emotional Message for Her Dad on Father’s Day

Hina Altaf posted a completely happy father’s day on her Instagram and nosy people couldn’t go away her alone, they desire all the details.

We all have heard the sad existence struggles of Hina Altaf on the well-known YouTube exhibit “Rewind with Sameena”. She told Sameena Peerzada about the hardships she confronted when she commenced her career.

Her mother suffered from a psychological circumstance and wasn’t stable. On pinnacle of that, she hated Hina’s profession desire of being an actress.

As a result, Hina Altaf suffered brutal beatings by using her mother each time she came lower back from a shoot. The beatings used to be so harsh they left marks on her physique and face. The makeup artist would ask about the bruises and she couldn’t tell.


Eventually, she had to go out of her parents’ house. That especially an awful lot tells she did now not share a right relationship with her father as well. Because nobody from her family intervened the ordeal she faced.


But now not every person has the identical admire for someone’s privacy, simply like some of her fans. They prefer to understand greater maybe some photographs too,

On father’s day, Hina Altaf wished her father a very glad father’s day and noted their relationship is getting strong. And that she lovingly calls him daddy.

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