Health Benefits Of Tulsi or Basil

Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs. There are many benefits of tulsi, and it is used in many treatments. Tulsi was found around 5000 years ago and since then it is famous for its miraculous herbal and homemade remedies. It posses healing properties of not only mind or beauty but also of soul and spirit. Tulsi has been common in the Asian countries for many years, but it has started to gain faith in the western countries as well. The English name for Tulsi is Basil. And in today’s health and beauty article we will tell you about the health benefits of Tulsi or Basil.

Health Benefits of Tulsi or Basil

Following are the Health benefits of Tulsi or Basil. 

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Cough and respiratory problems

Tulsi is really good where cough and respiratory problems come into question.It is also a good germicidal agent that protects body from flu, fever and viral. A decoction of leaves, cloves and common salt relieves influenza. It prevents from bronchitis, Asthma and cold. And the best part is that because it is easily dissoluble you can add it in your drink, coffee or plain water.


Kidney stones

Incase you have kidney stones problem, then tulsi can be a big help. The leave of tulsi has a robust effect on kidney health. The juice of basil leaves accompanied with honey is used to remove the stones from urinary tract, in case of renal stones. It is a great detoxifying agent which helps in reducing uric acid level.

Heart diseases

Among the many health benefits of tulsi or basil we have the solution for some heart diseases hidden in tulsi. It is very effective in treating heart disorders and generates cardiovascular strength. It helps in combating heart ailments and prevents from stroke. Tulsi is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants which protects heart from the damaging effects of free radicals.

A remedy for sore throat

Tulsi is also one of the best remedy for sore throat. In-case you have sore throat all you have to do is to boil water with tulsi in it, you can either drink it or use it as gargle and it will heal the sore throat.

Teeth disorders

Tulsi and its extracts have deep impact in treating teeth disorders. Tulsi leaves dried or powdered can be used for brushing.

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