Health Benefits Of Cycling For Women

Exercise is very vital for leading a healthy life. Despite the fact that you enjoy it or not. There might be some exercises which you enjoy and some which you don’t. But there is one exercise which everyone enjoys, or atleast to my knowledge. I have never come across anyone in my short life who does not enjoy this particular exercise. I am sure most of you till now must of guessed. Yes, i am talking about cycling, it is one exercise we have been doing since our childhood, we use to love it back then and we still love it. In today’s health and beauty article we will tell you about the Health Benefits of Cycling For women. 

Health Benefits Of Cycling For Women

Did you know if a 61 kg woman who pedals for 19-20 km can burn up to 2000 calories in 60 minutes. Following are the health benefits of cycling for women.

Health Benefits Of Women Cyclling

1.Boosts energy


Cycling is very good for boosting your energy. Cycling helps you not only look fit but also helps in making you energetic. It helps in decreasing fatigue and triggers the brain to emit neurotransmitter dopmine. 

2. Saves your joints

Cycling also helps in lessening the stress in your ankles, knees and spine. Cycling helps in making your joints strong, thus making them less susceptible to injuries.

3. Protects your heart

Cycling also plays a vital role in making your heart strong. The main reason behind having heart problems is high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol. Studies show that women who do cycling for half an hour for thrice times a week, they have less blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.

4. Every muscle fits it

Ridding a bike also helps in improving in you muscles. As when you are going cycling who whole body is involved.   Riding on a hill can help you to ride with half way paddling and Half way free. When you are climbing up, the results are severe and more calories you may burn.

5. Tones you all over

Cycling also helps you in toning your whole body. Their quads, glutes and calves are propelling the bike. The upper body gets toned too as the handlebar sculpts your top structure.


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