Health Benefits Of Curd or Yogurt

There are many who don’t like milk, but there are few who don’t like yogurt. So incase you don’t like milk, you can always opt for yogurt to fulfill your nutritional needs. Yogurt is one of the most delightful dairy product. The best part of yogurt is that you can add different flavors in it. Due to the advancement, you can opt for yogurt which you think is best for your diet, may it be flavored, high on fat or low on fat, sweet or salt.  Incase you don’t believe in the market yogurt you can also make it home. And its not much of a difficult task. It contains a good amount of Vitamin A, B and D. A suggestion while opting yogurt, go for the unsweetened variety, as the sweetened variety makes use of preservatives which are not healthy. In today’s health and beauty article we will tell you about the Health Benefits of Curd of Yogurt. 

Health Benefits Of Curd or Yogurt

Following are the Health Benefits Of Curd or Yogurt

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 Healthy intestinal system

The first benefit among the Health Benefits Of Curd or Yogurt is Healthy intestinal system. Yogurt helps in achieving healthy intestinal system. There are certain active cultures in yogurt that help in certain gastrointestinal conditions. Since yogurt has less lactose and more lactase, is usually well tolerated by healing intestines.

It decreases yeast infections

Then we have the decreases yeast infection. There is another benefit among the health benefits of curd or yogurt. Many studies have shown that intake of yogurt daily can lead to yeast of colonies in the vagina and decreases the incidence of vaginal yeast infection.

Rich calcium source

Another benefit of yogurt is that it is rich with calcium source.  An 8 ounce serving of most yogurts provides 450 mg of calcium, one half of a child’s RDA and 30 to 40 percent of adult RDA for calcium.

Lowers cholesterol

One of the major benefits of yogurt among the health benefits of yogurt is that it helps in lowering the cholesterol level of your body. The live cultures in yogurt can assimilate cholesterol. Also yogurt contains binds bile acid which help in reducing of the cholesterol level.

Losing weight and building muscles

This health benefit is for fitness freak who like to maintain an healthy diet and lost weight. Yes yogurt really does help in losing weight. Not only this yogurt helps in building muscles too. Since is is high in proteins and low in fat, it surveys both are purpose very well.

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