Hareem Farooq Shares About Dealing With Social Media Trolls Positively

Social media trolling can take a toll on you at times, especially if you are a movie star who is constantly beneath public scrutiny. From hate comments to non-public comments, something can come your way.

Actress Hareem Farooq doesn’t trust in feeding the trolls. On ARY News’ morning show Bakhabar Savera, she stated that she doesn’t read the remarks at all. Her method is simple—delete, block and report.

The Parchi actress is quite clear that she doesn’t prefer any negativity on her page. She has instructed her team to delete terrible feedback and certainly block these users. “I don’t care if I lose followers, I simply can’t deal with negativity.”

 “Social media has it’s own importance and price however your life shouldn’t end at social media,” said the actress.


She added that it takes a lot of guts to come infront of public and put yourself out there on social media. “I provide deposit to those human beings who are doing something on social media even if you don’t like their content in contrast to these who unfold negativity hiding at the back of a screen,” she said.

Hareem Farooq who started out her profession with theatre shared that she plans to return to theatre soon.

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