Hareem Farooq Opens up About Being A Professional Producer

Hareem Farooq has come a long way, with being in the dramas to starring in the movies. Hareem is one of the most versatile actresses we have till date. With a lot of movies releasing this eid, ‘Heer Maan Ja’ release being right round the corner. Hareem is busy promotion the movie. She’s co-producing Heer Maan Ja and also starring in it.

Hareem sat down with Haroon Rashid from BBC Asian Network. She spoke about being a producer, being a feminist and additionally Lollywood movies and Bollywood films in the generation of 60’s.

When asked the query “When and how being a producer should be conflicting for any person whose additionally an actor, when and how do you take off your producer hat and vice versa? Would you be in a position to produce a movie that you would not necessarily celebrity in”.


She spoke back “My first manufacturing in fact was once Janaan, I did not superstar in it due to the fact I was once now not prepared, I was once like i just commenced producing, how I can act as well in it, I cherished the personality but I left it”

She similarly delivered ‘and of course I cannot let my film suffer just because of my character. I cannot do that to my own. You have to be objective adequate to let the pleasant take place for your film’

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