Hania Amir Shut Down social media trolls out for Calling Yasir Hussain ‘dark-skinned’

A couple of days back, Hania Amir, the acclaimed Pakistani entertainer who rose to distinction after her motion picture Janaan, opened up about her battle with skin break out. She posted an image of herself with a practical and a provocative post wherein she discussed the uncaring magnificence principles that VIPs are required to pursue and that it’s alright to not having the option to shape into an ideal, faultless picture.

Hania discussed her battle to look and be immaculate every minute of every day. She likewise proceeded to discuss her fearlessness being broken due to being body disgraced.

“So I have dependably battled with gentle skin inflammation. Continuously had these knocks on my temple that JUST WOULD NOT BUDGE! I had become acclimated to them. In any case, the voyage I have been on for several months has been a significant agonizing one”, expressed Hania. This post was valued by so many individuals who acknowledged Hania for discussing body energy in a fearless way.

While Hania was being praised for discussing body energy, entertainer and Hania’s companion, Yasir Hussain poked a fun at Hania’s post. In his Q/A session on Instagram, somebody asked “Single word for Hania” to which he calmly answered “Danedaar”, which was clearly a play on words coordinated at Hania’s post about skin inflammation.

This did not go down well with Hania who shared the post on her Instagram stories while asking her fans and devotees to excuse Yasir as he has a propensity for making improper jokes. Afterward, she additionally shared another story where she said that misusing individuals’ frailties for amusingness is out and out corrupting and ill bred.

Yasir then reacted to Hania where he stated, “I didn’t intend to hurt her in any capacity. We are great companions and I just kidded with her as we do with our companions. I am dull, I ridicule my appearance constantly, I didn’t intend to focus on any of her instabilities.”


While Hania was praised by the general population, superstars additionally approached to acknowledge Hania. These included Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Saba Qamar, Syra Shahroz, Meesha Shafi, Asim Azhar, Zara Noor, and the preferences.

Hania gets out web-based social networking trolls for calling Yasir dull skin.   In spite of the fact that the open commended Hania, they likewise advanced toward Yasir’s Instagram to demonstrate their disappointment over his joke coordinated towards Hania’s skin inflammation post. As merciless as the Instagram ‘trolls’ can be, they named and disgraced Yasir by calling him dull cleaned and so forth.

While Yasir responded to a couple of the remarks, he didn’t pay notice to the greater part of them. In this way, Hania took to her Instagram stories and shared how trolling and tormenting is simply wrong.

She said “On the off chance that you are going to slam somebody dependent on their looks, shading or physical highlights for my benefit, that is something I am not going to acknowledge on the grounds that we should try to do we say others should do. Anyone who represents me ought not be utilizing terrible words or resort to put-down or swearing. In the event that I don’t prevent my fans from utilizing such language on the others’ remarks segment, at that point I will be named two-faced. Regard and you will be regarded in kind.”

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