Hania Aamir Just Started her Debut career of Singing & the Internet is Begging her to Stop

Hania Amir wants little introduction. She’s an actress, a Youtuber (although she insists she isn’t) and now, a pianist and singer…? Well, that may additionally be a tad bit of an exaggeration but she did simply put up a video of herself on Instagram taking part in the piano and kinda singing.

Hania’s face, when she messes up, is me 24/7. I sense ya, sis. Also, she’s found a new hobby. Achi baat hai, explore karna chahiye. BUT, ever on account that she posted the video, people don’t appear too pleased about the ability she’s displayed.

People have said some relatively nasty things!

The “sweetie, no” comments had been everywhere! People even referenced ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ Again, a bit unfair.

However, some humans lauded her, commenting on her voice which btw, isn’t terrible at all, if you ask me.



Rumored beau Asim Azhar left his response to her impromptu performance, and it’s terrific cute.

But forget about her singing or her piano playing, the largest trouble human beings had with her publish used to be the CAPTION, which was once ‘nayi hobby dhoond li he aapki behan ne‘. People have been NOT having it.

Anyway, have you heard the song? What do you thought of Hania’s version? Is she your behen or not?

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