Hania Aamir Has Superpowers Now

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir showed that she is stronger than ever. Hania Aamir Has Superpowers Now, Actress Ishqiya deleted her Instgram account and shared a move notice. She wrote,

“Patience loses emotionally. Whenever I encounter obstacles, I will encounter obstacles. That made me lose my face first, my knees were shaved and bled; I cried, screamed, and complained. Why am I ?! And why!”

She kept writing.

“Then the wound will heal in time. The pain will be relieved. Then you don’t even know what the obstruction looks like, but you remember what it looks like. Recovery is painful, but the power gained is incredible. Now I still remember the feeling when I fell, but I don’t care what you look like because I have super powers now.

Hania Aamir Has Superpowers Now

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Previously, Hania attended Shazia Wajahat’s birthday parties, which were celebrated on a charming beach. Many other famous people attended the party along with Hania.

Hania was wearing white jeans and black jeans. She designed her look with elegant black umbrellas and French braids.

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Parwaaz Hai Junoon is an emotional film of constant struggle coordinated by Haseeb Hassan, produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Farhat Ishtiaq. She has worked in films with Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shaz Khan and Ahad Raza Mir. After Hania Amir performed in Janaan in 2016, she appeared in many advertisements for organizations such as Sunsilk and Nestle. Hania is currently working on the upcoming TV series “Visal” as the main character of the TV show alongside Zahid Waseem and Saboor Aly. The show will soon be airing on Ary Digital.

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