Hamza Ali Abbasi Latest Tweet is all About Message of Using Social Media with Responsibility

One big name who was once genuinely the first few ones to continually elevate a voice where it mattered and at times even when it wasn’t important has now felt the want to urge all to put up their statuses in a very accountable manner and we agree with this thought of Hamza Ali Abbasi especially after the entire fiasco which has emerged after the legendary actor Firdous Jamal exceeded his feedback over Mahira Khans acting and playing a lead at her age.

Now whether Hamza felt the want to address being responsible on social media after this or it was once his standard remark as even a tiniest of things at instances receives a large response more often than not in the terrible which is now not constantly known as for.


Taking to twitter the much-loved actor who will be viewed in drama Alif soon said:

And that we feel is a very legitimate factor raised by using the famous person as where so many issues which surely want to be tackled which is dangerous to human beings or even the environment is not at all referred to and what people are busy speaking about is slamming one every other which is now not right .

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