Hamza Ali Abbasi Avoid Making an Appearance on Talk Shows to Reveal More About His Love Story With Naimal Khawar

One of the information which literally shook each person up was once actor Hamza Ali Abbasi getting married this weekend to non-other than the amazing Anaa megastar Naimal Khawar . Now the reason why all people consisting of us used to be a bit taken again was once because the duo never even gave a slightest trace that they have been planning on getting married and after the initial what’s going on we ended up with large admire for these two as in this day and age the place human beings just can’t cease flaunting their private live on social media , they preferred to continue to be discreet and that we felt is a splendid message to all the youngsters specially out there that no longer the whole lot needs a million likes to increase your choice making skills.

A private man or woman, Hamza having no desire after the reviews of his marriage began to circulate proven the news by way of penning a stunning message where he advised his followers that Naimal and him had been now not going out however were friends for two years and he requested her to marry him to which she said yes.

With a lot of offers coming his way to come on discuss shows to disclose more about their love affair , Hamza in a swish manner selected to decline all by saying:


‘Grateful for the flood of invitations on TV indicates to discuss about our “Love Story”, but as disappointing as it sounds there is none. We were just friends for 2 years & recently Allah put it in my coronary heart to ask her to marry me for motives I mentioned and she said yes… That’s the complete story ‘.

He further said:

You beg Allah for assist & no depend how many instances you fail you promise Allah that you will as an alternative die making an attempt and failing but you will never provide up in your pursuit to do what pleases him and keep away from what displeases him. Then one day, in one particular aspect of your life, Allah receives blissful with the sincerity of coronary heart & accepts your extraordinarily flawed efforts for him and then HE TAKES OVER! He rewards you & opens your coronary heart in the direction of things that have been unthinkable for you before. Some human beings get married for themselves due to the fact both they fall in love or because their lonely or perhaps because of household or to have kids, these are also proper reasons, however believe me when your sole cause is to please Allah then Allah makes a man like me, who ought to by no means maintain something emotional with the contrary gender, ought to never comprehend the thought of marriage in his head, Allah makes that man go up to his very platonic friend for 2 years Naimal and tell her that he doesn’t prefer a relationship (that GF/BF non sense) neither is he claiming to be in love with her but he wants to marry her with the intention of strengthening his very turbulent efforts to walk a path which pleases Allah ‘.

Adding further he wrote:

‘And to my surprise she is of the same opinion no longer just to marry me however also expresses her pleasure in taking walks this route with me & now we cant even breathe besides each other. Such are the rewards of Allah in no way to be taken for granted and one ought to continually be grateful for if you are ungrateful, that equal reward will come to be a trial ‘ .

We will send warm wishes to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar and wish them a rocking wedding this weekend!

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