Hamza Abbasi Congratulated Indian Cricket Team for Playing Best in Match

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the just actor in Pakistan entertainment world who has been known for his social media tweets and the way he is criticizing and appreciating small and major things and discussing it openly. He is known for his blunt nature. Same did happened previously when Pakistan lost his math against Indian cricket team and that too with the big margin disappointment.

In showing disappointment over the Pakistan cricket team and showing winning statement on the Indian cricket team this is what the actor has to say about:


Even this statement by the actor shows that he is much disappointed by the team performance and shows the fact that how much amazingly the oppositee team has played the whole match. They have the best team and there is no doubt about this fact!

The whole nation is disappointed by the performance of the team and there is no doubt. Let’s hope for the next matches!

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