Hamza Abbasi and Maya ali for MariaB. Lawn

Hamza Abbasi and maya Ali needs no indroduction. the two of them are very talented and versatile actors.

shining stars take no time to proof their skills and talent to the entire industry.

the latest photoshoot of Hamza Abbasi and Maya ali for Maria B lawn campaign was depicting the on air chemistry between the two stars.

This year the cute couple Maya Ali and Hamza Ali grace the billboards as the most awesome couple of 2016 as Brand ambassadors for Maria B.

MariaB has always been a promising brand. a well known  brand thatis relevant, relatable and widely popular. Keeping true to her brand ethos this campaign itself represents the Maria B story behind the campaign utilising the most sought after faces of 2016.

Hamza and Maya Ali are one of the most sought after couples of 2016. They represent a dedicated lifestyle, unprecedented chemistry and  that the lifestyle the brand caters to.


Latest Photoshoot of Hamza Abbasi and Maya Ali for MariaB. :

photoshoot of hamza abbasi and maya ali

hamza abbasi and maya ali





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