Hadiqa Kiani Mid Summer Dresses 2014 For Girls

 Hadiqa Kiani is one of the famous and demanding fashion designer in Pakistan fashion industry. She has launched always a seasonal collection for casual wear to party wear. Hadiqa Kiani has recently released her beautiful collection of mid summer dresses 2014. This collection includes lawn and cotton dresses which are available in stitched and unstitched pattern. You will now able to find these mid summer dresses 2014 by Hadiqa Kiani inside fashion markets. There is a limited range of dresses but full of with style and cuts.

Hadiqa Kiani is one of the most famous and leading fashion brand in our country. Hadiqa Kiani offers seasonal dresses as well as occasional. She has designed her beautiful mid summer dresses 2014 collection for women. This collection has now hit the fashion markets. The collection includes dresses which have embellished with lovely prints and embroidery both. The embroidered shirts with printed trousers are add in this collection that give a theme of culture and tradition of Pakistan. Hadiqa Kiani mid summer dresses 2014 have adorned with modernity and high ends. You can find these all dresses in lovely bold shades of red, pink, blue, green, black and so many more. Over all the collection is full of with exotic and exclusive dresses. If you want to purchase them in unstitched pattern then you will find them at the prices of Rs 2850 and for stitched dresses the price are set to be Rs 4700. Hadiqa Kiani mid summer dresses 2014 are looking attractive and classy. You will see these beautiful dresses here below. For further queries you can visit her Facebook page below:

Hadiqa Kiani Facebook Page:

Hadiqa Kiani Mid Summer Dresses 2014 For Women.

Hadiqa Kiani Cotton Dresses 2014.

Hadiqa Kiani Mid Summer Dresses 2014 For Women 1

Complete Collection.


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