Gohar Rasheed is Against Violence

Mazloom Aurat is one of the most amazing and commonest themes of our dramas. These days there is much trend to make such shows as the aim behind is to depict the values and respect of females to much extent.

As we all know that Gohar Rasheed is one of the most versatile and wonderful celebs of Pakistan. He has always been known for his descent performance and great personality. He is a well versed and qualified male.

Gohar Rasheed against violence

I don’t think there would be any one who is in favor of violence. In recent years, television dramas like Alvidaa have shown that the celebrities of Pakistan raise their voices against the crimes and violence in the country. Gohar Rasheed is one of the males who is against it by the whole. He told to media in an interview that he is highly supportive for the campaigns that are initiated against crimes and violence.

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Gohar Rasheed


When it comes to women’s right, it is very unfortunate that our country has short of opportunities. We fail to give the complete rights and freedom to our women. Is this what our religion teach us? No it is not. We need to try our best that the females are given complete rights. In no way, we should try to make the women feel uncomfortable.

Talking about television dramas and shows of the country, I come to realize that many of them showcase the rights of the females. They prove by one way or the other that the women need to be given with what they deserve. In no way their rights can stay unprotected. It is the duty of the government to protect the rights of the women, as per Gohar Rasheed. This is in fact the message of every lady inside the country.

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