Get Ready to Sweat proof your Makeup this Eid!

Considering how warm it has been on the grounds that the previous couple of days, you’d thank us for saving your make-up this Eid. Keep reading to maintain your makeup looking clean and flawless all day long!


The first and foremost step for making your makeup to closing is the prep that goes into it. Make certain to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. Apply a moisturizer suited to your skin kind and let it sink in completely. Once the moisturizer has soaked into your skin, take a tissue or a blotting paper and blot to get rid of extra oil on the skin.



Priming your skin makes the largest distinction to your makeup! You can additionally use a mixture of primers to cater to your pores and skin concerns: large pores and dry skin, dry patches and nice lines, dehydrated and parched skin, giant pores and oily skin. You can even use colour correcting primers to counter any redness or dullness on your face!

Less Is More



Those Instagram tutorials can also have taught you otherwise, but much less definitely is greater when it comes to makeup. Instead of layering your foundation over and over again to hide imperfections, we endorse going in with a concealer first to goal hassle areas and then going in with a light layer of foundation. This will make certain a flawless base that’ll also enable your skin to breathe through and seem to be natural.


Set and Bake

makeup bake

If you have every day to dry skin, you can easily get away with a light dusting of powder to set your foundation and concealer. But if you have combination to oily skin, baking your concealer will do wonders for the toughness of your makeup. Set the relaxation of your face with a compact powder and you’ll be set!

Avoid creamy products

liquid makeup

Until and except you have dry skin, steer clear of cream primarily based merchandise due to the fact they will soften off of your face in this heat. Try going for liquid/powder blushes, highlighters and bronzers instead of the cream ones to keep away from extra oil.

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