Get ready to Apply Eyeshadow in Banana Style Perfectly!

Have you tried this method of applying eyeshadow right in banana style? If not then here is an easy procedure for you. This method will easily guide you that how you can apply eyeshadow exactly in banana style on your eyes. Below are detailed steps for you:

Covering Your Lid with Middle Hue

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First you have to apply middle hue on your eyes. Just cover up your lid and apply some middle hue eyeshadow on your lids. Apply a base color and do this application by using a stiff flat brush. Later on do the patting of yours medium in tone eyeshadow shade.  On your eyelid, you can also add smudge of highlighter shade at the inner corner of your eyes. Apply highlighter right below your brow so that your face gets an uplift look.

Adding Crease Color

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Now next is the step to add crease color. Take a pencil brush and then you have to apply darkest color on your crease. You need to sweep this eyeshadow shade in a back and forth movement on your entire crease. This step will make your eyes bigger and deeper. To make a regular banana, you can apply shadow only on your crease.If you want to make a closed-crease banana then your eyeshadow shade should run and meet towards your lash line.




Moving onto the stage of blending of your eyeshadow shades! First you have to clean your pencil brush by using an antibacterial brush cleaner. Use this brush so that your crease can remain to look pretty as well as dark. Apply this brush in a slightly slow position on your eyes so that you can blur the outer edges of your eyes smoothly. You should not do too much blending. Too much blending will make your lid to become completely and wholly highlighted.  It is just these three steps and you are almost done with the application of eyeshadow shade in this banana style.

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