Get ready for Rohail Hayatt Comeback in #CokeStudio12

Today we are sharing an intriguing and uplifting news for steadfast perusers of our blog that Rohail Hayatt comes back to Coke Studio following five years. Starting with no outside help to it’s seventh season Rohail didn’t simply create this music appear yet in addition made Coke Studio mainstream all around the globe. In any case, at that point something turned out badly among Rohail and Coke Studio and he left delivering any future period of coke studio. This as well as the old YouTube channel of coke studio is changed to hayatt’s name.

All periods of coke studio after him were great however they didn’t have that class and that is the reason individuals were missing Rohail Hayatt. Lastly he is making rebound in twelfth period of coke studio which is beginning soon. Tell us what do you say about this and stay tuned with us for more chatters and Latest Pakistani Showbiz News.


Well we all know that the previous season of Coke Studio was the biggest flops where so many of the singers did not performed well and won the hearts of the fans. So it has been decided that for the next season. Rohail Hayaat will be coming back for the fans who love to watch his songs and his desirable compositions too. After five years this celebrity star has been making the way back and simply this is becoming so much excited to talk about.

If we talk about the previous seasons of the Coke Studio, then definitely so many disappointing compositions comes into the way where we have the Ko Ko Korina at the top of the list! This has made Coke Studio management to think about the survival time before the time the audience would start hating the Coke Studio. 


Now let’s see that whether Rohail Hayaat will bring back the passion and fun entertainment back to the audience hearts through his songs or not!

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