Follow These 9 Tips Sincerely To Get Beautiful Skin and This Glow In Just 30 Days

Follow These 9 Tips Sincerely To Get Beautiful Skin and This Glow In Just 30 Days

Learn How To Get Beautiful Skin

Tip 1 – Drink at least 08 to 12 glass of water everyday to keep your skin healthy and glowing. When we talk about water, we don’t talk about cold water, we talk about normal water as cold waster isn’t good for health and skin.

Tip 2 – Rest your eyes take proper sleep of 6-8 hours a day to prevent dark circles.

Tip 3 – Practice some relaxation techniques for 30 min to 1 hour to relieves stress and depression. Best bet is to play outdoor games which you like the most.

Tip 4 – Stay away from oily and sweet food and check your weight regularly. Use Olive oil instead of normal oil as Olive Oil contains less fats.


Tip 5 – Stay away from pollution, dust and direct rays of sun to prevent the forming of freckles and wrinkles.

Tip 6 – Oil your hair twice a week to prevent split ends and dandruff. Use hot oil treatment once a week to nourish your hair.

Tip 7 – Cleanse and moisturize your skin twice a day. In the morning and before going to bed at night.

Tip 8 – Rub ice cubes on your face to prevent wrinkles and to improve blood circulation and to prevent pimples to appear.

Tip 9 – Drink green as much as you can and add lots of fresh salads and fruits to your diet.

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