Generations New Collection- More like a Funny fancy dress show

Have you gone through the Generations New Collection? The new photo shoot for the Generations new collection has gone viral over the internet. many are actually enjoying the funny comments on this.

well this time The Generations designers have actually depict that they needed to learn fashion sense. our sincere advice to the Generations would be to hire good and decent designers. they have disappoint their clients a big time.

the model was seen in various funny poses. we aren’t even sure if there were any hair stylist or makeup artists hired for the photoshoot. seems like a funny scenario of some cheap circus.

let aside the model and poses but even the prints and designs of Generations new collection are literally so trash. the clients and regular buyers of this brand are annoyed a big time. there have been hatred and funny comments all over social media. people are making fun and calling the new collection Cheap Fancy dress show.

well to me, the designers, the art director, the advertisement agency and the stylists have failed . The Generations new collection does not in any way reflects even 1% of the latest Pakistani fashion trend.

the colors and prints have no association in them. color themes are poor and dull. nothing is created extraordinarily. the fans and Generations brand lovers were waiting for the brand launch of their pret wear collection. and now when they’re out, people are just criticising and making fun of the model as well the designer.

well well, we still wish that concerned authorities and elegant designers would learn from this negative feedback and in future won’t continue to disappoint their clients.


Sneak Peak of the Generations New Collection-The fancy dress show 😀
Generations New collection.

Generations New collection

Generations New collection00


Generations New collection01

Generations New collection02

Generations New collection01


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