Formal Hijab styles 2016

Formal Hijab styles 2016. Many Muslim girls wear hijab in order to cover their head. Hijab  is a symbol of modesty.  It gives you islamic look and protection. Hijab is also in trend now. Many Fashion industries are now making countless variety of hijab.  You can do hijab with any piece of cloth or with your dubatta. You can fold it i layers to give yourself a smarter look. Many variety of embroidered scarfs are available in market. Mostly girls wear hijab only when they go outside or in public places but some wear hijab in  routine event or even on their wedding.  Hijab can be wear in many styles according to your face shape. Many girls wear underscarf caps to make their hijab look more classy.   Formal Hijab Styles 2016 contain beautiful formal hijab styles  for many events.

Here is the link for more hijab styles

Formal Hijab styles 2016

Hijab will give you a simple look when you wear it in routine activities.


Formal Hijab Styles 2016-white

For some formal look, you can do makeup with dark color lipstick.

Formal Hijab Styles 2016-party


Formal Hijab Styles 2016- black


Girls.. if you also want to show your jewellery even by wearing hijab then here is the Styles you can follow . Head piece which you can wear on the hijab to give stylish and formal look. If you are going to any wedding event you can  use your Tikka and Matha pathi with the hijab for formal look. It will give you stunning look.


Formal Hijab Styles 2016- formal 2

Formal Hijab Styles 2016- style





Formal Hijab Styles 2016-selfi

Girl wearing hijab on her wedding looking pretty

Formal Hijab Styles 2016-wedding

Girl wearing Beautiful hijab with the head piece. You  can also wear small necklace with the hijab.


Formal Hijab Styles 2016-green


Here is the tutorial for wearing formal hijab


Formal Hijab Styles 2016-brown

You can use your Stylish earring at one side of the hijab. You can follow this hijab style with your dubatta .

Formal Hijab Styles 2016-titorial


You can also wear hijab with saree and it looks stylish.

Formal Hijab Styles 2016-blue Formal Hijab Styles 2016-saree


Love the way.. she carry dubatta in a elegant way with different style of hijab


Formal Hijab Styles 2016- zinc Formal Hijab Styles 2016-2016 Formal Hijab Styles 2016-grace

Formal Hijab Styles 2016

Formal Hijab Styles 2016-perfect


Formal Hijab Styles 2016

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