Five Reasons To Have Long Nails in Summer

In this post we will discuss five reasons to have long nails. Nails are considered to be very important part of human body. It is very important that person should give special importance and care for the maintenance and cleanliness of nails. Here we will explain five reasons to have long nails in summer 2012. The main reasons are as follows:



  1. The most important reason is that long nails require less maintenance as compared to short nails. Moreover, it’s not necessary for person to cut them regularly which actually saves person maximum time and hassle.
  2. Secondly, if women have long nails then she would definitely enjoy the art of nail painting. There are many nail painting options such as simple colored nail polish etc. moreover, women can also play with numerous floral patterns as well as dotted designs.
  3. Another important and common reason to have long nails in summer 2012 is the coercion factor. This is the main factor that women with short nails can never use this factor.
  4. In additionally, long nails 2012 can also be used as a tool. There are many things that women can easily perform with her long nails such as slice a tape, open a cane etc.
  5. Last important and best reason to have long nails in summer 2012 is to attract the praise. Long nails along with elegant and stylish art work attract the attention of other people.


Finally, these are top and best reasons to have long nails in summer 2012. We are completely sure that it’s the dream of every woman to maintain long nails but it’s only possible if women adopt best skin and nail care tips.


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