Five Natural WaysTo Take Care Of Your Eyes

In a human body eyes are considered to be the most precious possession. Eyes are the first thing noticed by others and can easily Five Natural WaysTo Take Care Of Your Eyesportray your emotions. As they are priceless possession and are also very sensitive, we need to pay special attention for their protection. Cosmetic products contains chemical that can have harmful effects on your eyes, this is the main reason why people have preferred to use home made remedies for their eye care. We have enlisted few effective natural remedies to keep your eyes healthy and shinny.


is enriched with Vitamin A and C, calcium and magnesium which are essential for healthy eyes. If your eyes are feeling tired or area around your eyes is dry, then cut thin slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes or area around your eyes. It will give you an immediate smoothening feeling to your eyes.


Green veggies:

Ophthalmologist says if you want to keep your eyes healthy and also want to maintain your eyesight, then you must add green vegetables in your daily diet. Vegetables like Spinach, collard greens and Kale are enriched with anti-oxidant properties which help you preserve your eyes health as well.


Take a cotton ball and dip in milk. Use this cotton ball to clean your eyes with it. It will help your skin stay away from dryness and will give your eyes a refreshing look as well.

Rose water:

Use Rose water to clean your eyes, it will remove dirt and other harmful substances from your eyes and will give your eyes a radiant look.

Agrimony leaves:

Take a bowl full of boiled water and put dried agrimony leaves in it. Use this mixture for bathing your eyes. It helps you reduce swelling of your eyes.

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