Five Homemade Tips for Dark Circles

Here is very effective Five Home-made Tips for Dark Circles.Homemade Tips for Dark Circles

  • Take a teaspoon of tomato juice, lemon juice half teaspoon, of turmeric powder a pinch, gram flour a pinch mix all the ingredients very well then apply it on and keep it for 10 minutes. This one is very famous and very effective Home-Made Tips For Dark Circle
  • It is very important that you should give rest to your eyes as well so Eight hours of sleep is necessary.
  • Apply juice of  cucumber or potato with a cotton balls and leave it
  • Take out a juice of lemon and tomato and apply it on dark circles twice a day.
  • Take a cold tea bag and put it on your eyes it will cure the dark circles. This one is also very good home-made tip for dark circle.

Dark Circles Home Remedies

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