Get ready for First Transgender Film Festival in June 2019

The Gender Guardian is a well known non-profit organization that works for the rights, education, and training of the transgendered network. The association is all set as in planning to have an International Film Festival for the underprivileged network this year. This event will be going too held in June 2019 at the place of Lahore’s Al Hamra Hall.

The event will display out with all the nearby and universal short movies dependent on the rights, issues and answers for the issues of transgender network. International entries have been all set as likewise been looked for the celebration as shared by Asif Shehzad who is the head of Gender Guardian. Short documentaries along with the movies dependent on rights, issues and the accomplishments of the transgender network in different areas will be a piece of the event as well.


With respect to the submission of projects and also the movies, entries will be open till the finish of May. After that movies will be amazingly displayed for choice in mid-June. Experts of the film-production industry will also make the last determinations for the event.

The coordinators wish to make India as being the piece of the celebration also and will attempt to include applicable movies shot in India as well. This is much a great step to be taken by the society for promoting transgender inside talent.

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