Finally Meesha Shafi is Over the Moon with Good News

Nobody could be more joyful and increasingly appreciative, since LHC’s passing law against inappropriate behavior. As the case between Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi proceeds, we are appreciative for advancement being made in the laws concerning lewd behavior. Her position against Ali Zafar has unquestionably presented a few positives for all ladies. We discovered that ladies and some great men will go to bat for you. And afterward, the Lahore High Court reexamined the law for inappropriate behavior. Nobody could have been more joyful than Meesha Shafi, herself!

In a man centric culture, where individuals would prefer to stay silent, laws guaranteeing the wellbeing of ladies at the working environment accommodates some security and consolation.

What is praiseworthy is the manner by which through the majority of this, when weight could have separated her, she presents on energize other ladies, who have maybe endured.

“We will and are preparing!” says one of her tweets, and this position certainly is.

Well we can surely say that after the court announcement over such a law the case is definitely moving in winning side of Meesha Shafi. Did Ali Zafar lose the case? Did he really harassed her?

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