Feroze Khan Rubbishes Dating Rumors With Hania Aamir

At the beginning of 2020, rumors about the split between Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan spread widely on social media. Feroze Khan showed great enthusiasm for the early youth media industry, after a long period of time, he became one of the important figures in Pakistan’s television industry.Feroze Khan Rubbishes Dating Rumors With Hania Aamir,  From now on, this seductive and charming actor has demonstrated some of his characteristics in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The heartbreaking news spread like fire, and people were curious about it. According to reports, Pakistani actress Hania Amir was behind the divorce.

Feroze Khan Rubbishes Dating Rumors With Hania Aamir

Many people think that the screen chemistry of Feroze and Hania is becoming more and more popular, and Alizey cannot digest this situation.

According to sources,

“This divorce was caused by Alizey. She just married him to gain a certain degree of popularity and fame. She is also very stubborn and often stays with Feroze Khan and his family.”


Since performing in Janaan in 2016, Hania Amir has appeared in numerous advertisements for organizations such as Sunsilk and Nestle. Hania is currently working on the upcoming TV series “Visaal”, which is starring Zahid Waseem and Sabor Aly. She is very talented Pakistani actress.  Now, months later, Kanani actor Feroze Khan has finally stepped forward and eliminated all rumors.

In the interview, Feroz said:

“I don’t think I have ever talked about my family or family affairs. I want to remain calm and silent about this rumor because this is my personal business.”

He further added,

“If you post a video without knowing anything about it, you will get some views on YouTube and a small amount of revenue. Why sell someone else’s life for this?

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