Feroze Khan opens up about his relationship with Sajal Aly

Feroze Khan opens up about his relationship with Sajal Aly, Feroze Khan, a talented actor f Pakistan Showbiz industry needs no introduction. The acting skills of Feroze Khan made his fans crazy about him as they always eager to know more about their favorite star.

Feroze Khan’s involvement in Sajal Aly in the past became the talk of town as the duo had their strong bonding on television screen and behind. But his marriage with Alizeh Fatima left everyone in shock.

Recently, Feroze Khan broke his silence about Sajal Aly, as the two were rumored to be dating before Feroze married Alizeh Fatima, everyone remained curious about what really happened to Feroze-Sajal?

When asked about his ex, he responded “If I’d miss Sajjal, I’d just pick my phone and call her”

It seems like Feroze’s reaction was not at all cold about Sajjal.

In an interview, Feroze told that he saw the trailer of Sajal’s upcoming drama serial “Aangan” and he loved her work in it. The way she has acted and the dialogues are just amazing.

Feroze even talked about this wife Alizeh, how he loved her for simplicity and the way she looks at the world from a very different perspective.

Well, we guess all is well that ends well.




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