Female Baldness

Do you face the hair fall everyday while combing the hairs? Have you ever noticed that how much hairs are falling everyday? Well according to medical research everyday women can loose up to the limit of maximum 100 or even 100,000 hairs. Now we are sure that you would have certainly notice your hair scalp after reading this line. Getting the hairs fall with such a huge number is quite a horrible situation and these horrible conditions turned even more horrifying when the women faces the baldness. There is no such medical treatment and surgery that can cure the baldness and hair fall because just the home remedies are the perfect and cost free method for the women. In this article we are discussion some of the vital tips for preventing the quick hair fall circumstances.


1. Firstly the women should make sure that whether her diet is proper or not. Make the habit of using fresh fruits and vegetables in the meal of breakfast and lunch time as well.

2. Some of the women may also faces the baldness or the hair fall after the delivery of the baby but this is possible because of the extreme stress and loss in the proteins height.

3. For curing the hair fall just apply the Jojoba Oil in the scalp for maximum two or there hours. This will help in refreshing the skin cells and make them stronger.

4. On the other hand we also have the Emu Oil. This oil helps the women in saving her hairs at an increased level with the smooth massage of oil inside the hair scalp with the fingertips.

5. On the last level we have the Safflower that must be applied about half an hour before the bath or washing the hairs and you will certainly discover a new freshness and smooth strokes in the hairs in just two weeks.

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