Fayeza Ansari Fashion Model

Today we will be talking about another one of leading models of the fashion world. A person who has made his place and mark in the fashion world in very little time. She is known for her modeling skills. Her innate talent for modeling as made her as one of the most wanted models. She is among those models who are unabashedly self-confident. Because of her self confident she carries whatever she wears very well. Also, this self confident of hers helps her in carrying her funky sense of style with grace and elegance. The best thing about her is that she does not mind to flaunt what she wears. Without a doubt, the model brings that oomph and attitude to her sultry photo-shoots and the ramp. And by now i presume you must have gathered, about whom we are talking. We are talking about Fayeza Ansari Fashion Model.

Personal Life Of Fayeza Ansari Fashion Model

fayeza ansari fashion model

Fayezah Ansari fashion model was adopted by her biological father uncle. She spent a very cherished and pampered childhood. During an interview when she was asked regarding her parents and family life she said:

I was utterly loved by my Abba, and i was a complete daddy’s girl and a spoilt rotten kid.

She was home schooled which was one of the major reason behind her lack of social interaction among people. During an interview when she was asked: Tell us something about your background, education etc !! She said

I was home-schooled and didn’t have many friends, which made me grow into a socially-challenged adult. I was living in a box, so when I started modeling, it was difficult for me to settle in the fashion industry

Her hobbies involve reading history. When question regarding her hobbies she admitted that she was a complete nerd during her teens. she said

 My all-time favourite topics were the French Revolution of 1789 or the British Monarchy and the Cuban Missile Crisis — everything would interest me!

She has married Fashion designer Syed Muhammad Rizwanullah and presently living in Lahore.

Professional Life of Fayeza Ansari

This beautiful Pakistani fashion model started her career in 2004. And only in matter of 2 years she made her place in the list of top actresses and models of Pakistan. She won Lux Style award as Best Emerging Talent in the year 2006. And this is not all, she has won another Lux Award. Because of her talent for modeling she is now considered as one of the leading models of Pakistani Fashion world.

Though during the peak time of her career, she started drugs but now she has cleared it up. And has a very strong opinion of not hiding what she is. When inquired about her heroin addiction and what impact does that have on her image she said

 My image is so clear-cut; I am who I am, I am certainly not going to hide it. Though i am not proud of it, but there is no point hiding it because if you hide the past you will never be able to leave it behind. 

And because of this attitude of her’s now every designer wants to work with her. And we wish both Fayeza Ansari Fashion Model all the best for the future life.


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