Fawad Khan the New Face Of Aladdin!

Aladdin is the main protagonist in Disney’s 1992 animated film Aladdin. Confident, clever and kind, the 18-year-old did not receive any formal education, and lives instead as a street urchin.

The World Wants to See Fawad Khan as Aladdin!

Now a days, the search of Disney’s new Aladdin is on its way. The directors are having difficulty to select the best match for the main character of Aladdin.see Fawad Khan the New Face Of Aladdin

The Aladdin team wants the cast which are conventionally genetic which in order to avoid the backwash from the onlookers. Hollywood has been experiencing disapprovals after many ‘White’ actors were chosen to play characters that were ethnic such as Matt Damon in Great Wall of China.

If the subcontinent remains? Surely Aladdin team forget that Pakistan has some of the greatest personalities of the world. One of our dapper stars has already played the role of a dreamy prince too.see Fawad Khan the New Face Of Aladdin

The news caused excitement over the social media. Fawad Khan is wanted by everyone to be the next Aladdin. He is apt for the part, amazing actor, dancer, and a singer too. The perfect choice!

see Fawad Khan the New Face Of Aladdin


These People Are Clearly Doing Disney’s Job!


So here is the comparison between Aladdin and Fawad Khan.

see Fawad Khan the New Face Of Aladdin (1)s

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