Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 Day 2

Here we will discuss the details of Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 day 2. After discussing the details of Day 1, now its time to discuss the details of its day 2. As we know that Fashion Pakistan Week autumn/winter 2014 took place in Karachi from 25th November 2014 to 27th November 2014. Well known and top designers took part in this fashion week for showcasing their collections. After the successful completion of Day 1, now talented fashion designers ready to showcased their collections on Day 2. The fashion designers that took part in FPW 2014 on day 2 were Shehla Chatoor, Emraan Rajput, Sanam Chaudhri, Deepak and Fahad, FnKAsia, Adnan Pardesy and Deepak Perwani. In this post we will discuss the collections of these designers.

Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 Day 2

Shehla Chatoor Collection

The 2nd Day of FPW 2014 opened with the Shehla Chatoor collection. Her collection is named as Misaki Collection. Shehla Chatoor collection includes short skirts, long skirts for women. Moreover, apart from western dresses Shehla Chatoor also design sarees in her collection. The showstoppers for Shehla Chatoor collection were Amna Ilyas and Ayesha Umer.

Emraan Rajput

After Shehla Chatoor, Emraan Rajput showcased his collection on Day 2. He named his presented collection as Alpha Collection. Emraan Rajput designed this collection for men and women. Well, his collection is unique because it includes winter outfits like jackets, skirts etc.

Sanam Chaudhri Collection

Then we have Sanam Chaudhri collection. As we know that Sanam Chaudhri is a highly talented female designer. Sanam Chaudhri collection includes traditional and stylish outfits such as sarees, gowns, jackets etc. Sanam Chaudhri has embellished the whole collection with fancy work.

FnK Asia Collection

Now we have FnK Asia collection. Well, we want to mention that FnK Asia collection includes short skirts, long skirts, gowns for women. FnK Asia has designed this collection with dark colors and unique prints work. The showstoppers for FnK Asia collection were Sunita Marshall and Mehreen Syed.

Deepak And Fahad Collection

After FnK Asia collection, day 2 of FPW 2014 getting more exiciting with Deepak and Fahad collection. Deepak and Fahad collection includes western wear outfits of men and women. Women section of this collection includes western skirts and gowns. The showstopper for this unique and stylish collection was Iraj.


Adnan Pardesy Collection

On 2nd Day, Adnan Pardesy also launched his collection with unique cuts and designs. Adnan Pardesy collection includes western wear dresses for women. His showcased collection is very modern and it includes short skirts and gowns in bright colors. The showstopper for this new collection was Mehreen Syed.

Deepak Perwani Collection

The Day 2 of FPW 2014 closed with the superb collection of Deepak Perwani. This time, he showcased menswear collection. His presented collection includes jackets, coats, shorts, shirts for men. All the menswear outfits are designed with new trends.

So this is all about the details of Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 day 2. We hope that the day 3 will surely bring unique collections like Day 1 and Day 2.

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