Faryal Mehmood Gets Heated On Social Media Trolls with Anger

Faryal Mehmood is among those actresses who got the much fame and attention in just the least time period of the career. The way she has transformed her body shape being into slim smart outlook has turned out to be an inspiration for so many of the ladies out there. But this inspiration is taking the shape of the social media trolls now where she is becoming the center of attraction. Recently for her dance performance in Mehwish Hayat brother wedding she was being troll much and now once again she is on the hit list!

Recently she posted her picture on her social media account over one of her vacations where she was troll in a bad way by one of her followers. Here is the picture:

She got badly troll for this picture where one of the followers commented in a very strange and trolling way on the picture. In respond to the troll the actress got heated up and replied in such a way:


Well it seems like the actress knows very well that how she has to handle the trolling statements and hit them back hard! But do you think such heated reply can destroy her image as the celebrity star?

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