Fancy clutches collection 2011 by Metro shoes and handbags

Metro shoes and handbags is a leading name in women footwear and accessories.Large vaierty ov evening handbags,pouchs,clutches,fancy bags,casual bags is there.There fancy clutches with beads and diamonties are of great attraction for specially newly wedd girls.Amazing collection of clutches is there having wonderful colors.Girls come there to match clutches with their wedding dresses.some of latest designs are in following.

Blue clutch purse for girls 2011

 Red clutch for women


 Multi colored clutch for brides

 Silver clutch for girls 

 Clutch in rust for ladies


 Fancy clutch for girls

 multi colored pouch for brides

 Fancy silver pouch for brides

 Rust clutch for ladies

 Golden pouch for brides 2011

 Classic silver clutch for girls


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