Famous Television Stars Confessing about Depression is Real

The entertainment world is perceived to be a world of glitz and glamour, the place the whole lot is magical and includes of steady highs. The reality, however, is pretty different! There have been so many celebrities and famous faces to step ahead and talked about their mental health concerns while being the part of this glamor world.

Iqra Aziz

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Iqra Aziz, the youngest raring superstar, now a family name in Pakistan with the massive success of the Suno Chanda collection and her exquisite appearing in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, these days confessed about Yasir Hussain being her ray of sunshine in her fighting with depression. She usually used to be geared up to go an extra mile for her peers however when Iqra wished anybody with the aid of her side many people disappointed her and that made her go into a country of depression. This used to be the time when Yasir carried out this void in her existence and made her love her lifestyles all over again.

Emaad Irfani

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Emmad Irfani, a super-model, and actor is quite properly known for his photoshoots and modeling campaigns however in modern times it is his drama Cheekh that has been hovering excessive in the air and has additionally made the actor a household name.  In his recent interview on Rewind with Samina Peerzada, Emmad gave some insight into his non-public life. He mentioned that because of the steady shifting apropos to his father’s postings, he did not have interaction lots with people and grew to be a shy introvert kid. The negativity and demotivation of his academic mentors thrashed his self-assurance accordingly propelling him to take on sports as a career. Opening up about depression, he stated that it used to be his family’s support which helped him immensely. He additionally spoke about how sports however mostly tune helped him get through the tough phase of his life.


Hina Altaf

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Udaari and Aatish fame, Hina Altaf is a rising celebrity of our television industry. Hina has received the audiences’ hearts with her harmless attraction and bewitching personality. She ran away from her house due to domestic turbulence. With a lot of dignity, she mentioned how her mother’s deteriorating fitness and her parents’ inconsistent equation took a toll on Hina’s mental fitness and she escaped from her residence and started out dwelling alone. She located solace in a psychiatrist cum therapist whose identify she has tattooed on her body. Her mental sickness also broken her bodily fitness and she obtained very weak. Her urge for food obtained badly affected and she surrendered herself to this health practitioner and the rest is history.

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