Famous Pakistani People and Celebs Who Married Foreigners

There are some famous Pakistani names and celebrities who married foreigners. So lets have a look at these Pakistani people and their foreign love mates. Zaheer Abbas and Samina Abbas: Zaheer Abbas was among the most finest and professional cricketers. He is from Pakistan and he is married to Samina Abbas who is an Indian.

Wasim Akram and Shaniera

wasim akram and shaniera akram

The famous Pakistani cricketer all rounder Wasim Akram married the second time with an Australian lady, Shaniera Akram. This couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter last year.

Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy

Famous Pakistani People and Celebs Who Married Foreigners

Another Pakistani legend cricketer Mohsin Khan married Reena Roy. Reena is from India.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

shoaib malik and sania mirza


The most famous couple also belongs to two different countries. Shoaib is a Pakistani cricketer and plays for Pakistan while Sania is a tennis player and plays for India. This couple is always spotted in controversies and remain in news.

Famous Pakistani People and Celebs Who Married Foreigners

Sonia Jahan and Vivek Narain

sonya jehan and vivek narain

The grand daughter of melody queen Noor Jehan, Sonia Jahan is married to Vivek Narain. Vivek is an Indian.


Mathira and Farhan

mathira and farhan

The controversial and scandalous Pakistani actress Mathira was born in Zimbave. Mathira is married to a rich guy of Dubai, Farhan.

Imran Khan and Reham Khan

imran khan and reham khan foreigner

Reham Khan was born in Libya, a muslim country. Reham has three kids from her first marriage. The chairman of PTI Imran Khan tied knot with Reham Khan in an Islam way.

Noor and Vikram

noor and vikram

Pakistani actress and host Noor was married to a dubai based Hindu man Vikram. But now the couple has parted ways (Divorced).

Zainab Aetzaz and Even Johnson

zainab aitzaz and even johnson

Zainab Aitzaz is the daughter of barrister and politician Aitzaz Ahsan. Zainab’s husband is a Norvaynian guy and according to some media reports, Zainab has converted her christian husband to Muslim.

So ladies and gentlemen, these are the Famous Pakistani People and Celebs Who Married Foreigners. I hope that you enjoyed the post.

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