Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Were Robbed And Kidnapped

Lootings and kidnappings are the most common reported crimes in Pakistan. Every day many innocent people are being looted by thieves. This problem is not only with the common person, but even our famous celebrities were robbed and kidnapped!

Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Were Robbed And Kidnapped

So let’s have a look at some famous Pakistani celebrities who were robbed and kidnapped.

Ali Zafar and his wife Ayesha

ali zafar and wife ayesha - Pakistani Celebrities Who Were Robbed And Kidnapped

In 2008, our famous singer Ali Zafar along with his wife were kidnapped outside a CD shop. The kidnapper sat in Ali Zafar’s car and forced him at gunpoint to drive the car. According to Ali Zafar, the kidnapper made him drive for about three hours.

In the meantime, the kidnapper asked Ali Zafar to pay 2.5 million rupees which he instantly paid. The kidnapper fled away from the spot after taking the huge amount of money, leaving Ali and his wife Ayesha safe in their car.

Robbery With Najia Baig’s Parents

Najia baig host


Najia Baig is a host of comedy show “Hasb-e-Hal”. According to Dunya News, Najia Baig’s parents were shopping in Johar Town when two armed men tried to snatch the money and jewelry from them. The robbers opened fire on Najia’s father but luckily he escaped. The robbers injured Najia’s mother by hitting the back metal side of the gun on her head.

The robbers fled away from the spot and took all the jewelry and cash from Najia’s mother handbag. Her mother was rushed to the nearest hospital where she got 6 stitches in her head.

Actor Hasan Ahmed (Husband of Sunita Marshall)

hasan ahmed family


Famous actor and husband of top Pakistani model Sunita Marshall, Hasan Ahmed was kidnapped on March 21st 2012 and was held for ransom. On 27th April 2012, Hasan Ahmed was released by the police who traced the kidnappers and shot and wounded some of them on the spot.

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