Famous Musician Ali Noor Hospitalized with a Deteriorating Condition over Hepatitis A

This morning we woke up to the very surprising information of the much-loved singer Ali Noor being significantly ill and at present residing in a medical institution in Islamabad. With information coming in that he was in urgent need of a liver transplant within 48 hours and was unconscious in an ICU the fact is that our heart simply went out to the star and his household as this was totally sudden however with all the rumor mills afloat, his brother Ali Hamza rapidly took to the social media to set the file straight and replace all with his current situation.

With Ali Noor quite unwell due to the high depth of the Hepatitis A he caught, Ali Hamza did say that there might be a possibility of liver harm as he wrote:


‘Guys!! No need to panic as yet. Inshallah Ali Noor will be back on his feett very soon! He has suffered an excessive bout of Hepatitis A. There is a possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by using the exceptional in the business’.

Talking about desiring a liver donor as soon as possible, the singer cleared:

‘As for needing a liver donor, the docs are saying that we do want to have people on standby, but they can only be household participants – our local law does no longer permit outdoor of household donors. But more than anything, most probably, Inshallah we won’t have to go that route. We are already seeing enchancment in Ali Noor’s condition. What we need are prayers from anybody that Ali Noor recovers in full form’.

The news has has also upset his friends in the enterprise who too shared Ali Hamza’s submit and requested his fans to pray for his speedy recuperation and with so many people praying for him we hope to hear the correct information soon that he is out of the hospital and heading home with his family in a correct form.

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