Famous Filmmakers In Lahore takes a dig At Designer, Ali Xeeshan For Not Paying Them

Ali Xeeshan is one of the most commonplace names in Pakistani couture. His fashion indicates are some of the most crowded and his collections are some of the most anticipated. As well as being a huge title in the industry, he has also associated himself in charity work, chief amongst those is his mission against baby marriages.

Ali Xeeshan positions himself as the champion for children’s rights, however, these claims are being referred to as into question by means of a studio in Lahore.

According to the group at the back of ‘Minutiae’, the dressmaker owes them PKR 470,000 for work done greater than 9 months ago. We spoke to John, one of the founders of ‘Minutiae’ for greater details round this claim. According to John, his crew used to be added to Ali Xeeshan when they labored with him on behalf of ‘Oppo’. This assignment used to be paid for from the brand, therefore, they had no issues.

This project led the crew to commence a working relationship with Ali Xeeshan. After Oppo, Ali had requested Minutiae to work with him for a mission for ‘Dolce Vita’. After this shoot, John said that Ali had referred to as him over to the Emporium Hotel in Lahore and requested him to work on an ‘Ali Xeeshan’ shoot, and gave him 6 hours to put together for it all. John says that he informed Ali Xeeshan about the price of all this and that Ali agreed to it all. In fact, Ali Xeeshan had obtained an bill detailing all the costs and the complete of what we would owe them when these shoots would be over. This was once accredited by Ali Xeeshan and work began.

This shoot was once for Ali Xeeshan’s exhibit at the PFDC Bridal Week, for his series ‘Ijaazat’.

This entire shoot blanketed BTS movies of the stage being set up, of exercise shows and finally full insurance of the real trend show.


The exhibit in question was in September and John and his enterprise has but to be paid a single penny for their work.

This means that they have not been paid for about 9 months now. Ever given that September, John and his co-founder, Mohid, have been after Ali Xeeshan to supply them their dues. While talking to us, John stated that they gave Ali Xeeshan and his crew a lot of concessions and chances to pay up, however, their requests fell on deaf ears.

In fact, John said that they acquired a cheque from Ali Xeeshan that amounted to PKR 100,000, however, they have been instructed only to cash it when recommended to considering that the account didn’t have ample funds. After this, Ali had for my part called John and Mohid to his studios to accumulate the full payment. Upon achieving the studio, they have been both asked to go away by way of the shield on duty, who had claimed that Ali Xeeshan was once now not in the building. Mohid and John continued their mission to get paid and as they continued, Ali Xeeshan only got angrier and was once even impolite to them over the phone.

This case is simply another instance of an issue we face, now not only in the trend industry but in popular also, the difficulty of now not paying and not appreciating innovative talent. Whenever you appoint intelligence to work for you, whether you are an agency or whether you are a fashion designer, you want to pay them on time and appreciate their efforts.

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