Adorable Family Pictures Of Moammar Rana With His Wife & Two Daughters

Moammar Rana is a famous Pakistani actor and director. He has worked in many Pakistani films and besides working films, the Lollywood hero has wored in soap operas too. His most famous films include Kudiyon Ko Dale Dana, Deewane Tere Pyaar Ke, Fire, Jhoomar, Koi Tujh Sa Kahan and Channa Sachi Muchi.

The actor also went to India and appeared in two Bollywood films Dobara (2004) and Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal De, but unfortunately his Indian career was not that much successful.

In 2016, Moammar Rana will be seen in movie Sikander.

Moammar Rana And His Wife Love Story: How They First Met Each Other and How Moammar Proposed His Wife?

In an interview with host Sanam Baloch, Moammar Rana told that he first saw his wife Mehnaz Pervaiz at a friend’s wedding. The actor fell in deep love with Mehnaz, due to her innocent looks, pretty face and silky long hair.

After a few days, Moammar proposed Mehnaz and she was shocked. Later on, Moammar privately booked a cinema hall especially for his love where the couple enjoyed movie “Deewane Tere Pyaar Ke”.

However, Moammar confessed in the interview that his father played a vital role in their marriage. The marriage got confirmed when surprisingly Moammar Rana’s father turned out to be a childhood friend of Mehnaz’s father.

Moammar Rana and Mehnaz Pervaiz Marriage

moammar rana wedding

The couple tied the knot in 1998. Here’s the picture of their wedding ceremony.

Moammar Rana’s Beautiful Daughters

The Lollywood hero, is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Masha Allah! The elder one is Rea who is 17 years old and the younger one is Ranyea.

moammar rana with his daughters

His elder daughter, Rea loves the showbiz field and it seems that after completing her studies, she will follow the footsteps of his father. Rea Rana also signed a bridal photoshoot and she looked gorgeous!

Adorable Family Pictures Of Moammar Rana With His Wife & Two Daughters

Here we are going to share the adorable family pictures of Moammar Rana with his beautiful wife and two cute daughters.

wife Moammar Rana


moammar rana wife

moammar rana wife mehnaz


wife of Moammar rana

moammar rana with wife


moammar rana with daughter rea

moammar rana family photo

moammar rana elder daughter

moammar rana family pic

moammar rana family

moammar rana daughter


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