Falak Shabir Knows How To Satisfy Sarah Khan Pregnancy Cravings

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir, one of the most admired couples in the Pakistani entertainment industry, have won the favor of fans since wearing their tie. There is no doubt that Sarah and Falak are some targets as the singer is often busy presenting beautiful flowers to his wife. Falak Shabir Knows How To Satisfy Sarah Khan Pregnancy Cravings, They are the happiest honeymooners we’ve seen in a long time. After the couple announced that they would soon have their first child, most of the country was happy. Every pregnant woman would like to eat different things during pregnancy, and Sarah Khan would like to eat some chocolate brownie too.

Falak Shabir Knows How To Satisfy Sarah Khan Pregnancy Cravings

If you have a man like Falak Shabir, you don’t have to worry about anything. The Ijazat singer made sure to satisfy Sarah’s desires and brought her brownies.


Earlier, Sarah Khan announced their marriage and gave a detailed introduction to her husband’s virtues.


Sarah said this was the same as any other traditional Pakistani family. “We didn’t meet much in advance. He introduced me backstage at Lahore Bridal Fashion Week, where I was with my sisters. I immediately told him I wasn’t interested, and we ignored it,” the actress recalls.

She added, ‘Then he talked to my dad, and all that happened after that was my dad’s decision, because who better to vote for us than our parents?’ She said.

Besides, Sarah’s blush doesn’t stop loving her husband, saying, “I’m very happy with Falak, he’s very nice.”

She said, “We’ve shared our wedding with those who love us, and we want to share all our good times with them.”

Sarah Khan added, “We share what we want and always emphasize the negative side of men, but I hope people will see that there are men like Farak who love their wives very much.”

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