Fakhr e Alam delivered talk to Google employees at Google Headquater !

Fakhr_e_alam started his career as a singer. He is also Pakistani actor, VJ and TV host. He was born in Lahore. He also became much more popular by appearing in governmental sponsered music shows. He has also served three as a Chairman of Sindh Board of Film Sensors. He introduced the bhangra genre of music in Pakistan.

He is getting ready to deliver a talk at Google headquaters. The technician giant invited Alam to talk about art , technology, aviation and Pakistan. It is a proud moment for not only for those who are living in the country But also for those who live in foreign lands.

Fakhr is one the Pakistani celebrity who invited as guest to deliver talk to Google employees at their HQ.

The event will be held in Mountain view in California and scheduled for August 1 ,2017


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