Fahad Mustafa Ready to Enter Bollywood

Fahad Mustafa is one of the most recognized and famous celebrities of Pakistan. He has long been known for his charming personality, beautiful face, and amazing acting skills. He is a complete pack of entertainment and has given us a lot of hit movies.

Fahad Mustafa to enter Bollywood

Yes you heard it right. Fahad Mustafa is ready to enter bolly wood industry. According to sources, the Na Maloom Afraad actor who rose to the peaks of success in very short time has great and awesome acting skills.

Reportedly, fahad Mustafa is discussing a few bolly wood movie projects now a days. I hope you remember that he became a successful household name due to his robust acting and great performances in Jeeto Pakistan.

In order to make himself look better and more handsome, the 32-year old guy, according to reports, has joined gym. He told in an interview that in bolly wood the competition among the stars is very high. In order to keep his success graph up to the mark, he is likely to shed some pounds.

See Fahad Mustafa —A Great and Talented Pakistani Actor

Fahad Mustafa Ready to Enter Bollywood


In the beginning of his career in Pakistan, fahad used to be a model. He walked on ramp for many fashion shows and has worked with a lot of companies in their tv ads.

Sources say that fahad will soon visit India for finalizing the details. According to his manager: “We are in the process of finalizing the details of when to go to India to have discussion about the bolly wood movies”.

In the early days of his career, this gem of Pakistan had to work really hard. He rose to fame but he took some time for this. Fahad Mustafa started his television career in 2002. He is the son of sindhi character celeb named Salahuddin Tunio, who had taken over the tv industry due to his top notch and realistic acting skills in the dramas of the country.

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